Hi, I am Matt

founder of the woods photography

The Woods Photography is, first and foremost, about storytelling.

Our photography is about being honest, finding beautiful moments and staying true to capturing your unique wedding experience. In a world where the emphasis is moving toward the quick and easy, The Woods Photography is about slowing down and really looking through the clichés to find the raw and genuine moments that define you and the ones you love.

The Woods Photography is unique amongst other wedding photographers in that each wedding is shot with the intent of crafting the imagery to suit each individual couple. Matt Kay, owner and founder of The Woods Photography, comes from a photojournalism and documentary background; where the aim is to shoot naturally, seek out fleeting moments, and be as unobtrusive to the spontaneous flow of events as possible. 

Our Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

I dislike the term ‘wedding photography’; there is only good photography and bad photography. My first priority is always to capture your day as naturally as possible. If, like many people, you feel uncomfortable posing in front of the camera, don’t panic! I’m not big on posing and if, on the rare occasions, when it is absolutely necessary, I will walk you through it.
There is always a great photo in every situation the trick is finding it

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“Which of my photographs is my favorite?
The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”